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What does loyalty mean to you?

Here at SQUID, loyalty means so much more than just a paper stamp card.

The best customers are loyal customers, sustainable driving of sales through repeat business. Regardless of business type or size, maximising the number of purchases loyal customers make from your business will significantly increase recurring revenue streams. 


SQUID can unlock this for your business. 


The SQUID Digital Platform increases customer retention by three times the industry standards while maximising the average purchases a loyal customer makes. Further, the top performing SQUID Businesses increase the average Lifetime Value of each customer to 16 Stamps per SQUID User. What if every customer that came through your doors bought 16 times from you - SQUID can help you achieve this.

Promoting SQUID for your business to every new, recurring and loyal customer means more customers purchasing more frequently from your business; a sustainable sales growth driver. Cost-effective and painless, SQUID can reward both the business and the customer for loyalty and a very high Return on Investment.

30-Day Free Trial. Risk Free.

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