February 1- aPRIL 30th 2020

This February through April, we will plant a native Irish tree for every loyalty card completed through the Squid platform. If there weren't already a list of reasons to switch from paper loyalty cards to digital, now you can help the planet while earning treats 🌳

How to Get Involved


as someone who collects loyalty stamps

1. Make sure you have the Squid app downloaded -> Link Here

2. Visit any of the fab 60+ locations on Squid -> List Here

3. Collect loyalty stamps with your purchases with a simple tap

4. For every loyalty card you complete during the campaign dates, you will earn your well-deserved treat as usual, but we will also plant a tree on your behalf!

5. Spread the 💚-  Tell your friends and family to switch to Squid. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram and share our campaign post!

As a Business on the Squid Platform

We have a goal to plant at least 1000 trees with the help our Squid community. We need you to encourage your loyal customers to switch to Squid, and for every reward they earn from you, we will also plant a tree on your behalf. At the end of the campaign, we will issue you with a certificate thanking you for the number of trees that will be planted with the help of your loyalty scheme. 


We would encourage you to share the campaign on your social media profiles, and encourage your team to actively encourage downloads and use from your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is planting and funding the trees?

We have teamed up with Irish charity and non-profit Trees on the Land. They work with farmers, smallholders, community groups, councils, schools, colleges and other landowners to co-ordinate hundreds of planting sites across 32 counties across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Squid is providing the monetary donation needed to pay for the trees. We are committed to funding at least 1000 trees with the support of our community of businesses and app users.


Trees on the land focus on planting native Irish trees with good biodiversity. The trees funded from this campaign will be an oak and beech mix. These are deciduous trees with many positive environmental benefits. The trees planted are bare-rooted forestry grade whips- young trees that are hardy and well adapted to the Irish climate. For a full list of trees planted by Trees on the Land, check out their FAQ.

WHere/ WHEN are the trees being planted?

The trees funded from this campaign will be planted mostly in farmland in Wexford and Cork. We have committed to funding 1000 trees in Spring 2020. Follow our social media for updates on planting!

WHen/ HOW does the campaign end?

This first phase of our campaign will end when we reach our goal of 1000 trees, or April 31st 2020, whichever comes sooner. We are actively looking to extend this campaign beyond this initial goal, by creating partnerships with businesses on our platform. Our hope is to be able to increase this goal if our target is reached sooner than the campaign end date!


While the campaign is active (from 1st February), any time a Squid user adds the final stamp to a loyalty card (and earns a voucher), we inform them they have planted a tree and we log this in our system. So even if a user has 9 stamps pre-Feb 1st and collects the final 10th stamp during the campaign, this will count as a tree to be planted. A user does not need to redeem their reward during the campaign period for the completed card to count. However, when the campaign ends, any partially filled stamp cards will no longer be counted towards planting a tree. This is a good incentive for repeat and frequent loyalty to a business. A stamp itself does not hold any value towards partial planting of a tree, only fully completed loyalty cards are counted in the campaign.

are all squid PARTnERS part of the campaign?

Yes, because there is no disruption to the regular use of Squid, completed loyalty cards in any of our partner businesses will be automatically counted towards planting a tree. We hope all businesses will actively participate by promoting the campaign, but there is no requirement to do so. Squid will plant trees on behalf of customers nonetheless.

CAN TREES be swapped for rewards and vice versa?

No, Squid users are entitled to their normal reward as usual, and the tree is planted as an additional bonus. It's the best of both! The cost of buying a tree cannot be traded for monetary value or reward. Conversely, the value of the reward earned through a loyalty scheme can not be traded to plant additional trees (although we are hoping to introduce some exciting new initiatives in the future for those who want to do more good!)