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The Loyalty Card
Your Customers
Will Actually Use

The majority of your stores customers only buy from you once. SQUID helps you turn more of these visitors into customers for life.

We've helped 1200+ businesses drive over 5 million purchases!
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Manager, Zambrero Ireland

SQUID has been a secret weapon for us as we’ve expanded to 14 locations. 

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Manager, Java Republic

SQUID works straight out of the box. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up and then it's just there on your counter bringing you more customers.

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Owner, Space Coffee

My favourite thing about SQUID is how easy it is for customers to just tap and collect their stamps.


Build Loyalty

A loyalty card your customers will actually use 

Tired of people losing and wasting paper loyalty cards or the pain of setting up a new app profile? Customers sign up to your loyalty program in one tap with SQUID & carry your card with them wherever they go through the app. 

Because it's so easy to use, SQUID is used 4 times more regularly than paper loyalty cards & sees 3 times more engagement than competing digital loyalty solutions. 


Boost Sales

Say goodbye to quiet days & hello to reliable revenue

Up one month and down the next? We can help you steadily increase sales month-on-month by growing a loyal base of regular customers through rewards and promotions.

SQUID gives you a suite of tools to get customers back through the door again and again … and spend more money when they do. With the average SQUID user collecting 7 Loyalty stamps a month there is plenty of opportunity to upsell.

No More Guesswork

Get the insights you need to make great decisions, consistently

Running a successful business is all about making the right decisions, and making a lot of them. See your busiest times, understand your customers’ buying habits & much more with the SQUID analytics portal. 

Use targeted push notifications to reach the right customers, with the right message, at the right time. Running a 2 for 1 on coffee next Monday? 50% off lunch for college students on Wednesday? Directly communicate with your users through SQUID.


How it Works

What happens after you complete our 10-minute sign up process and start your 30-day free trial on SQUID?

1. Get your Tag

Get your SQUID tag within 3-5 days of completing your application & once unboxed you can activate it through your business portal. That's it! You're ready to start rewarding existing customers & attracting new ones right away! 

2. Get Tapping

Customers sign up to your loyalty program in one tap - no phone number required. Once they've signed up, you can reach them directly with targeted push notifications and get actionable insights on their buying behaviour. 

3. Get Results

Rewards, promotions & push notifications keep your customers coming back 4 times more often than they would without SQUID. Chart your success through the SQUID business portal.

Real Businesses. Real Results

Learn how our partners are using SQUID to bring more footfall through their doors & make more informed business decisions.
Soul Juice Bar Testimonial.png

Soul Juice Bar has 690 loyal regulars after just three months on SQUID

“SQUID is incentivised to help you succeed, so they do everything they can to help you.  Their customer success team is incredibly proactive and will call you unprompted to talk about promotional ideas to sign up more loyal users, help drive footfall to your store and help you get the most value out of the product.”

Soul Juice Bar.jpg


Owner of Soul Juice Bar

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